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GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption



Comprehensive Mobile Data Loss Protection

A key component of the Guardian Data Protection Platform, GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption allows enterprises to maximize the productivity of mobile computing while eliminating the need for expensive or embarrassing public disclosure in the event of computer theft or loss.

By deploying GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption, organizations can:

  • Use hard drive encryption to prevent data loss due to theft or accidental loss of laptop computers
  • Assure that data stored on laptops and desktops is accessible only to authorized users
  • Leverage a common enterprise-grade management and monitoring platform across multiple data protection controls
  • Protect trade secrets, intellectual property, and sensitive customer and employee information

Key Benefits

  • Gain a competitive advantage by optimizing the benefits of mobile computing
  • Eliminate the legal liability, customer service costs and other ramifications of data breach disclosures
  • Reduce the cost of meeting regulatory compliance requirements for data security and privacy by leveraging existing IT infrastructure
  • Strengthen investor confidence and prevent brand erosion

Key Features

Whole-disk encryption
  • Protects all confidential data, including trade secrets and intellectual property
  • Uses 256-bit AES encryption
  • FIPS 140-2 validated
  • Common Criteria EAL-4 certification pending
  • Supports digital certificates/PKI
  • Provides mandatory pre-boot authentication
  • Periodic check-in can disable authentication and lock-down a lost computer
  • Supports multi-factor authentication using tokens and smart cards
Transparent to end-users
  • Integrates with Single Sign-On, avoiding the need to remember and enter multiple passwords
  • Works without the need for end-user actions: 100 percent transparent encryption/decryption of data
  • Operates with little or no noticeable impact on performance
  • Includes simple to use but robust self-service password recovery service (Authenti-Check®) that eliminates the need for help desk support, the hassle of long recovery codes, or the need for backup keys
  • Includes comprehensive administrative recovery features, including One-Time Password and Local Administrator recovery
  • Provides power failure protection for computers without a battery or backup power source during initial encryption
  • Scales easily to support large, distributed, and multi-national enterprise deployments
  • Works with all standard enterprise-grade deployment tools, such as SMS, Tivoli, Altiris
  • Unique integration with Microsoft Active Directory for Group Policy Object based policy management
  • Leverages the standard management console (MMC Snap-in)
  • Enables role-based control over who sets security policies or recovers encrypted disks and data
  • Supports auto-logon for Wake-On-LAN services
  • Provides real-time audit logging, including policy changes and user actions, of both successes and failures

Evaluation Copies

Evaluation copies of GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption are available to qualified enterprise buyers. To complete the online contact form, click here.